TC Electronic Nova System Review

The Nova System is a studio-quality advanced multi-impacts unit with simple bending/overdrive. It appears to be intended for those looking for superb computerized impacts in a helpful, reduced, street commendable unit.

Features of TC Electronics Nova System 

The TC Electronics Nova System has two kinds of simple twisting (overdrive, contortion), three sorts of blowers (percussion, maintain, propelled), EQ, commotion door, six kinds of regulation impacts (melody, flanger, vibrato, phaser, tremolo, panner), five kinds of pitch impacts (pitch shifter, octave, whammy, detune, shrewd pitch move), six kinds of postponement (perfect, simple, tape, dynamic, ping-pong, double), four kinds of reverb (spring, lobby, room, plate), lift, and tap beat. It additionally has a worked in tuner.

TC Electronics Nova System Drawbacks

The Nova System isn’t a modeler. There are no amp or bureau models. Nonetheless, it has a speaker test system so it very well may be utilized direct into a PA or recording rig. There is likewise no wah impact. In the event that you need wah, you have to include a wah pedal.

Sound Quality

TC Electronics Nova System is notable for its studio-quality impacts, and not surprisingly the Nova System exceeds expectations at clean impacts. The reverbs and deferrals are flawless and lavish. A portion of the balance impacts do have a computerized quality to them, however, you can make them more simple sounding by tweaking the HiCut and Mix controls. The glow numerous guitarists love from simple impacts (and tube amps) truly originates from them being more “low-fi” than “howdy fi”. Advanced impacts are high devotion, so cutting the high frequencies can enable warm them to up. I extremely like the phaser, it is warm and swirly like a decent phaser ought to be.

The pitch impacts permit you to do some exceptionally cool things including octaves and key based harmonies. The clever harmonies enable you to pick a key and scale compose/mode with up to three voices. It won’t trick anybody into intuition three guitars are playing, yet it is an extremely cool impact and can enable one guitar player to complete an acceptable Thin Lizzy “twin leads” impression.

TC Electronics Nova System Working Modes

The TC Electronics Nova System has two essential working modes (pedal, preset) and a third “half breed” mode on the off chance that you include the discretionary Switch-3 pedal.

In Preset mode, The TC Electronics Nova System enables you to choose from 60 clients presets and 30 production line presets. Likewise, with most multi-impacts units, a considerable lot of the production line presets are “over the best” impacts indicating what the unit is prepared to do. Despite the fact that there are a few that make great beginning stages for your own tweaking. There is 20 client manages an account with 3 presets spaces accessible for putting away your own particular presets. Each preset can contain up to seven impacts, one from every one of these classes: drive, pressure, EQ, regulation, pitch, delay, and reverb. You utilize the two switches on the left of the unit to bank up or down, and the staying three switches on the lower line to change presets. This is a decent mode to set up presets for singular melodies and after that switch presets between tunes.

In Pedal mode the Nova System acts like a pedal board with seven impacts that you can turn on and off separately. In Pedal mode, the Nova System still enables you to change presets by holding down the bank catches. So you could set up 60 diverse pedal boards with seven impacts each and switch between them all. On the off chance that you simply require a couple of similar impacts for a gig, this is the mode to utilize.

On the off chance that you include the discretionary Switch-3 pedal you can utilize the Switch-3 pedal to change presets and still turn on and off impacts independently. This is the best of the two modes since you can set up both presets and pedalboards, and utilize both. In any case, the exchange off is you free the alternative of utilizing an articulation pedal since there is just a single pedal jack.


It’s critical to specify that the switches on the pedal work in “on discharge” mode. That implies you can venture on a switch and nothing occurs until the point that you take your foot off of the switch. This is the inverse of relatively every other pedal out there. It takes some becoming acclimated to. You can venture on an impact before you require it and after that discharge the switch when you need it, however, it just appears to be in reverse to me. I don’t comprehend this outline choice, yet it appears TC Electronic isn’t going to transform it.

There is a slight postpone when exchanging presets in the Preset mode so it is best to switch presets between tunes. There is no postpone when turning singular consequences for and off in Pedal mode.

Discretionary Pedals

The TC Electronics Nova System has an outer pedal jack that permits you to connect either the Switch-3 pedal or an articulation pedal. The articulation pedal can be alloted to presets enabling you to control impact parameters, for example, the whammy impact, volume level, tremolo rate, and so on. Tragically, you need to pick between the Switch-3 and an articulation pedal. You can’t utilize both.


The manual included with the Nova System isn’t awesome. It gives you just a base clarification of the unit’s highlights and how to utilize it. Luckily, TC Electronic has a few recordings on its site that demonstrate to you well ordered generally accepted methods to utilize a large portion of the elements of the Nova System.


The TC Electronics Nova System has MIDI for the individuals who need to control it utilizing a MIDI exchanging pedal. It can likewise be utilized to reinforcement presets, varieties, and SysEx records to your PC (utilizing a MIDI interface).

Tweaking Effects

The TC Electronic Nova System is all the more a “laboratory garment” impacts unit than an easy to use a pedal. While altering is genuinely straightforward, you select an impact and utilize handles to alter parameters on the show screen (utilizing a menu to get to every one of the parameters), the parameter esteems themselves are normally frequencies, dBs, and rates. You truly need to try and tune in while you roll out improvements. It very well may threaten those used to curving handles from 0 – 10. However, in return, you get a ton of control over the impacts.

You can likewise spare four varieties of each sort of impact utilizing four “variety” catches. This makes it simple to add most loved impacts setting to new presets.


The TC Electronic Nova System is an intense impacts unit with incredible sounding deferrals, reverbs, and clean impacts. The tone of the overdrive is more similar to a simple bending pedal than a tube amp, however, it works awesome for adding contortion and pick up to an as of now overdriven tube amp, and for boosting performances. It is fabricated like a tank and uses a standard power rope. The two working modes make it helpful in various settings. It has a few eccentricities like discharge exchanging and just a single pedal jack, and you should invest significant energy with it figuring out how to alter impacts and to find everything it can do.

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