Pioneer HDJ 2000 Review- The best headphones for djing

You may think that being a DJ is an easy thing to do, but it isn’t; not only do you have to have the talent, but you also need to have the right and proper equipment.

Regardless of whether you are new to the profession or have lots of experience, you will accept one fact; you need proper set up before you can begin your career as a DJ. And the most apparent and important piece of equipment in DJ set up are the headphones.

For a DJ it is incredibly important to have a good pair of headphones so that they can cue music and also keep track of the different beats that they are mixing. So if you are thinking that you don’t need to pay special attention when it comes to buying the best DJ headphones then you are very wrong.

So when it comes to DJ Headphones it is important that you consider how they look, the comfort they offer when you are using them and how clear and loud is the output volume. You can get the best of these elements when you choose Pioneer HDJ 2000s.

First impressions “Pioneer HDJ 2000″

The easiest way to describe the Pioneer HDJ 2000s will be to say that the headphones offer you “pure” sound. Unlike other top brands that also offer you great sound, the Pioneer HDJ 2000 doesn’t alter or increase the treble, bass etc.

HDJ 2000 headphones give a strong impression because it uses magnesium alloy, which not only gives a strong feel, but is light as well, making the headphones perfect for use.  Pioneer has faced difficulties in creating a separation between consumer and professional headphones. But with the HDJ-2000 they have finally done it.

The headphones give you sound that is original and not tweaked to sound impressive. For those who have been in the business for long, this will definitely be welcome news. The cable is coiled and the headband is comfortable and easily fits your head.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review

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The most important task for any DJ headphone is to offer sound that doesn’t distort when played at full volume. HDJ-2000 passes this test with ease. Even at the maximum levels the headphones don’t disappoint with songs that have high bass content.

The bass control reminds us about the HDJ-1500, but if you have used 1500s then you will remember that they are loose around the ears. However the HDJ-2000 fits nicely on your ears and don’t require constant adjustment, which can take a DJ’s attention away from music.

The left ear cup features the Stereo/Mono switch that is very helpful since every DJ knows that with loads of content planned, they can miss their cue if they have one ear cup removed for some time. But with the HDJ-2000 you will be able to switch to Mono easily so that both ear cups can get the same content.

The cable of the HDJ-2000 is thick, coiled and is easily detachable. The connection port at the ear cup is not your traditional 3.5mm connection, but has a three pronged connection. We are still unsure whether this connection allows for better audio quality or not. But this does point to the fact that if you damage or lose your cable, you will have to get cables directly from the manufacturers.

The headphones feature the auto return ability which impressively brings the ear cups back to their original position that protects them when not in use. The headband is incredibly comfortable and is flexible. You can actually make it flat without causing it any damage.

The folding works well with ear cups and the unit actually becomes quite compact once completely folded. The ear pads are manufactured by protein leather which has a nice feel and make the pads comfortable because they come filled with foam like substance.

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As much as we love the HDJ-2000 there are only a few drawbacks of this model of headphones. The foremost concern with the pioneer HDJ-2000 is the non-standard cable. The three pronged connection to the ear cup means that once damaged or lost you will have to get Pioneer’s help to replace it, you can’t just go out to the market and buy it.

Therefore if the manufacturer discontinued manufacturing the headphones or its cable, you will be dependent on the company for providing you with spare cable. You will have to either go for the latest model or you can switch to another brand.

For any DJ headphones the ability to attach your cable to both ear cups is ideal. Consider the Panasonic Technics RP-DH1250 that has two removable cables and not one and one of them comes even with iOS device controls. The HDJ-2000 is a little shy of the same performance that is brought to you by RP-DH1250, which has a more dedicated power for bass, but gives a little crispy delivery.

If you want to go for bass alone then we would recommend Beats Pro by Dr. Dre as they have deeper bass than the HDJ-2000. Also it offers you to plug your cable in both your ear cups.

The price is not exactly a demerit for the Pioneer HDJ-2000, but under the same price tag you can choose many other DJ headphones that have far better testimonials. Also there are many cheaper options that you can try like the Audio Technica ATH-M50.

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