Best Keyboard Stand for Gigging

When shopping for a digital keyboard stand, you will have many choices between brands. Digital keyboards are the heavier type of keyboards made to replicate the actual feel of a hammer-weighted piano. Make sure you purchase the right kind of stand for your piano!

Manufacturers of digital pianos or keyboards will usually make stands for their own keyboards. This includes names like Casio and Yamaha. Some of the stands for digital pianos are more like-desks that make your setup look like an upright piano.

This can be beneficial if you are not looking to move around the digital piano much. It is big, stationary and it looks nicer. You can also have some integrated pedals with these types of stands.

However, if you want a 3rd party brand stand there are many high-quality ones available. Some of the choices you have are On Stage, World Tour, K & M, and Korg.

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The following are some of the keyboard stands:

On-Stage KS7902 2-Tier A Frame Keyboard StandThis versatile A-frame keyboard stand lets you change the height and angle of the keyboards till they are just appropriate for playing whether you happen to be standing or seated.

This lightweight, effortless to hand carry, 48″ wide stand is an outstanding value for any person with a multi-keyboard setup.

Includes adjustment wrench and two tiers with two pairs of help bars and comes full in black powder coat finish.On Stage Stands KS 7902 2 Tier A Frame Keyboard Stand, On Stage Stands KS7902 A Frame Keyboard Stand, On Stage KS7902 A Frame Keyboard Stand 29784 Aluminum,More INFO/ BUY
IQ Series 2nd Tier Keyboard StandAdd a second tier to an IQ-1000 x-style keyboard stand.Ultimate Support’s IQ-200 IQ Series 2nd Tier Keyboard Holder adds a 2nd tier onto any IQ Series X-Style Keyboard Stand making it an exceptional value and space-saver as opposed to acquiring a full new stand for the mixer or second keyboard.

This width adjustable 2nd tier features a load capacity of 25 lbs. (11.3 kg).More INFO/ BUY
On-Stage Heavy Duty StandThis top-of-the-line keyboard X stand is constructed for pro-level operations with super heavy-duty tubing and welded construction.

Supports 395 lbs. with height adjustment from 27″-39″ and width adjustment from 11″-30″.

Uses ERGO-LOK technologies for ease of use.

The sturdy 2nd tier with tilt adjustment helps you place your board proper wherever you need it. A midpoint clutch featuring a couple of disks with 36 interlocking teeth lets you tilt the second tier to any position without worrying about slippage.

The clutch is made with die-cast zinc for added strength and a stabilizer bar keeps the tier members upright when it is appropriately assembled. Because the stabilizer bar telescopes, the width from the entire 2nd tier unit adjusts with your stand.More INFO/ BUY
QuikLok Two Tier Heavy Duty X Keyboard StandThe QL642 is component of Quik-Lok’s “Pro Series” keyboard stand line. These stands are the absolute hands down selection of professional musicians the world over mainly because of their adjustability, strength, and reliability.

Functions consist of “The Original” locking disc technique and super heavy-duty thirty x 30 mm steel tube bracing for added sturdiness.

The Pro Series stands can hold even heavy keyboards with safety and more secure. The QL642 also, gives a tilt adjustable second tier.

Heavy-duty, double-brace “X” keyboard stand with height- and tilt-adjustable 2nd tier holds a total of 2 keyboards.More INFO/ BUY
QuikLok Two Tier Z Keyboard StandThis extra-wide double keyboard stand has a height adjustable main tier so you can be comfortable playing at home, at the studio or in a concert.Add to this a 2nd level tier that is also fully adjustable and you have the perfect stand for any keyboardist.

The stand is also strong but lightweight and is designed to be able to be transported to any location and assembled easily by hand.More INFO/ BUY
Standtastic 102 Double Tier Keyboard StandHolds 2 keyboards in best position for optimum playing ease. Third tier might be added.

Cleverly braced lightweight aluminum frame with steel stress points gives easy transport and durability.

30-second setup/teardown. Graduated marks on both uprights make it easy to obtain the keyboards perfectly level.

Totally solid, no keyboard bounce.More INFO/ BUY

Tips on Buying a Keyboard Stand

If you are thinking of buying a one, two or three tier keyboard stand, there are a few things that you will need to consider before you slam your hard-earned money on the table and walk out of the shop with your new stand.

These may seem common sense tips, but make a mental note before you go to buy and it will help you get the right stand, first time.

1. Width

You will need to measure your keyboards to make sure that the stand can hold them with several inches hanging over the edge to provide extra support. Also, think about what you might get in the future too. There is no point buying a stand only to find that you need to get a newer one when you order your new digital piano.

2. Height

With width, this is also an important factor. Will you be sitting or standing when you use the stand? How tall are you and how comfortable will it be to use for long periods of time? Also, look into how the stands can be adjusted to different heights. Most stands allow you to do this, but X frame stands are not perfect if you are thinking of sitting down to play.

3. Materials

When you are rocking away in the middle of your keyboard solo or mournfully tinkling a love song, you don’t want the stand to start rocking, bouncing or vibrating too much. Cheaper stands often suffer from low quality components and you may find that you are hanging onto your synth for dear life ever few minutes. Look for stands that have a good “footprint” that offers a good base and balance.

4. Extensibility

If you decide to get a 2-tier stand, make sure that you can extend it if needs be. Adding a third level to the top may be easier than you think. Some stands are also able to lock together to make 1 giant, monster of a rig for all your keyboards, samplers, mixers and gear. Think about what you might want to use it for in the future.

5. Weight

Make sure that the stand is rated to carry your kit. Weigh your keyboards if you can (or read the manufacturers website) and check how many pounds in weight the new stand will hold. You don’t want it all to collapse on stage in the middle of a gig!

We hope these tips are helpful to you when you go to choose a new keyboard stand. There are many types available on the market today, but choosing a new keyboard stand should not be too hard.

Types of piano keyboard stands

V piano keyboard stands

The V keyboard stand not only have a stout base but it also has V shaped legs, this allows for open floor space which is a real bonus if you want to add floor pedals for effects or the like.

Like the X stand, the V stand is portable and folds for easy transporting. Most of them are made of tubular steel which is robust without being too heavy.

The Z Stand

Not perhaps coincidently, The Z piano keyboard stands are in the form of the letter Z with legs that are symmetric, which gives it higher stability and support for your keyboard.

The Z stand is light and easily to set up and portable for use at gigs, most of the Z models currently sold are foldable with easy height adjustment making them suited to people of all sizes.

Platform Stand

Of all the keyboard stands perhaps the most basic of all designs is the platform piano keyboard stand it is very uncomplicated in its design since it is fashioned like a table with four legs to stabilize it.

This is probably the least portable and might be the stand you would use if the keyboard would be in situ for a longish period. Some people might use a platform stand day to day and transfer the keyboard to a more suited light weight design when using it to go out playing gigs.

Virtually, all platform keyboards are not designed to be moved as this will entail detaching the legs from the platform which clearly is not going to be a two-minute task.

The Two-Tier Stand

The two-tier stands tend to be used more by professional musicians although of course can be used by anyone who has a couple or more keyboards as you have two levels it allows you to use more than one keyboard at a time.

Many X or Z frame keyboard stands have the option of adding an extension for an additional keyboard making them two tier stands.

The Three-Tier Stand

The three-tier piano keyboard stands are like the two-tier, however, it has room for three keyboards. This stand is generally weighed down and strong because it needs to hold and support three different keyboards.

While this design can be handy if you need more than one keyboard available, it is very heavy and not that lightweight for gigging, inconvenient to move around especially if you are trying to move it by yourself.

Musicians that stay playing at the same location where the equipment can be left set up might find this type of stand useful.

The X Stand

The X keyboard stands are built in an X design, it is completely portable, folds down to be flat a bit like a folding chair, and is made of either wood or more commonly tubular steel.

Due to its design, the X shape is very good for taking a heavy keyboard and is more robust and stable for day to day use than other designs.

On the downside, it needs to be high enough to get your legs under it so might be more suited to a person of a certain height.

In conclusion…

If you are a keyboard player, you will certainly need at least one if not several keyboard-stands. Buy wisely and don’t be tempted to buy a stand that is to light weight or of poor design.

It will be false economy as a poor stand could mean it collapses or topples over and your valuable keyboards get damaged.

If you tend to do much of your playing at different locations make sure you buy a suitable portable keyboard design.

But, if you are leaving your keyboard in a room other people are likely to use you might be better of buying a heavy duty more stable stand and purchase a separate portable keyboard stand if you need it.

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