Best USB Microphones for vocals on a Computer

USB microphone are just like any other ordinary microphones designed to input voice into the computer, with one different type of the connection, via USB ports and usually are plugged and play with no additional software.

USB microphones can be varied within the designs and dimensions but usually provides the same ability. Others option like stands, pop filters or shock mount are also available in the market.

These works with almost all GUI primarily based os’s like Microsoft OS, Mac and Linux. They are easy to use, portable and easily storable. You don’t need a mixer or pre-amp or any other complicated components to record your voice into your computer.

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we have list the best USB Microphone which it suite for your need and budget, check our list below;

Types of USB Microphones


Samson G Track USB Microphone

Marking the revolution of USB microphones, Samson G Track is the ultimate piece of gear that is action-packed, that one will surely wonder how he has operated his studio without this device.

Part of the product’s description is its USB connectivity, an audio interface for the computer and to ensure a monitoring with zero-latency, it has stereo headphone jack.

This instrument allows one to record vocals straight to a computer, a combined audio interface residing snugly inside the body of the microphone and a huge diaphragm studio condenser. Its headphone has three position switches for mono, computer and stereo monitoring.

This Samson G Track will absolutely take you from your favorite musical inspiration to desired finished tracks. The very first USB condenser microphone in the world that has a built-in mixer and audio interface, it also permits real-time input of guitar, keyboard, bass and vocals and at the same time, allowing close monitoring with the use of a headphone output on board.

The detailed 19mm capsule of the Samson G Track with its diaphragm of 3-michron plus the pick-up pattern of super-cardioid makes it perfect for recording not only vocals but also acoustic instruments and any other source of sound you can think of. If simultaneous recording is what you are after, the Samson G Track microphone is more than just ideal for you.For more info check at AMAZON2

Audio Technica AT2020 USB Condenser Microphone

With a design based on the much celebrated AT2020, the Audio Technica AT2020 is out to offer its user a studio-quality intelligibility and articulation.

By simply plugging it directly to the USB port of your computer, it can seamlessly function perfectly with your much-loved recording software. With USB digital output, this is the ideal USB microphone with natural and crystal-clear sound ideal for field and home studio recording, voiceover and podcasting.

Similar with its origin of design, the AT2020, Audio Technica AT2020 also has a custom-engineered, low-mass diaphragm that is for superior transient and extended frequency response. Due to its low self-noise, it has made itself very suitable equipment for highly sophisticated digital recording. It’s up to date manufacturing techniques and design ensures that the Audio Technica AT2020 complies with Audio-Technica’s renowned reliability and consistency standards.

Its cardiod polar pattern is responsible for reducing pickup of noises and sounds from rear and sides, thus improving the seclusion of the preferred sound source. Nothing to worry about outside and unwanted interferences, this is simply what you need if you are after perfection with your recording’s result.

With appealing specifications and features, it also comes with fully furnished accessories namely a pivoting stand mount for specific height of thread stands, a threaded adapter, tripod desk stand, soft protective pouch and a USB cable.

Say goodbye to all those noisy sound recordings and unclear voice backgrounds. Plug in Audio-Technica AT2020 and transform your sound to something beyond your expectations.For more info check at AMAZON3

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

If a versatile and advanced USB microphone with multi-pattern is what you are looking for, the Blue Microphones Yeti is here to resolve your dilemma.

A combination of four various pattern settings and three capsules all in one, this is the ultimate device, which will allow you to create numerous astonish recordings, right on your computer. Certified by THX because of its exceptional performance and sound, this microphone can capture everything with such an ease and clarity that you can ever hear of in any other USB microphone.

Blue Microphones Yeti features an innovative tri-capsule array of Blue. This allows stereo recording or your own choice unique tri-pattern, which includes cardioids, bidirectional and omnidirectional. In short, you are endowed with the chance of a recording capability in one single instance, which used to require several microphones.

The Blue Microphones Yeti also boasts of a mute-button, gain control and a headphone output with zero-latency. Unapparelled recordings can be created and sent to your personal computer directly with this microphone that is perfect for musical instruments, vocals, podcasting, interviews, voiceovers, conference calls and field recordings.

Because of being exceptional, it is the first ever microphone that has earned the distinction of being a THX Certified. Its high fidelity, balanced frequency response and low distortion made it worth the recognition.

As for usage, you need not worry for it is very user-friendly. No need for any drive installation, just plug Blue Microphones Yeti to your computer, load your favored recording software and start recording amazing records!For more info check at AMAZON

About USB Microphones

Microphones have sensors that transduce (or change) acoustic sound waves into an electric signal. They typically use an XLR cable, but the output is still in analog form.

To record or transmit the audio, the signal needs to be converted to digital. Without an USB microphone, you need an analog-to-digital converter, but they can be expensive and more involving than what a casual user wants to invest in.

With the USB microphone, the analog signal is converted into a digital signal without needing additional hardware. You can simply plug the USB microphone and begin using it right away. Whether you’re using the microphone for gaming, Skype or another VOIP, recording a podcast, conference calling, or recording instruments and vocals, USB microphones are very convenient.

Types of USB Microphones

There are various types of USB microphones, as there are numerous types and uses of microphones:

  • Desktop Microphones are usually designed to sit next to your computer and pick up your voice.
  • Condenser Microphones are very sensitive mics. If you want clarity and detail, such as recording a guitar, you need a condenser microphone.
  • Dynamic Microphones aren’t as sensitive as condenser microphones, but are great for recording voice or guitar amplifiers.
  • Conference Microphones are usually condenser microphones that sit next to a computer and pick up audio in a room.
  • Headsets combine a headphone with microphone, convenient for gaming.

As you shop for USB microphones, be sure to read the product descriptions since they will suggest ways that the microphone should be used. Keep in mind that each microphone is unique and developed to meet that need.

Select Professional USB Microphone

If you need great sound, you simply aren’t going to find it from the USB microphone. Alternatively, you could still end up getting acceptable audio tracks from these. Most of these options make USB microphones perfect for computer sound recording and podcasting.

This is not necessarily surprising, since these types of mics are mostly used at home within the professional studios, however, these types of far-less-expensive USB microphones are created with consumers who benefit from computers (as well as their unique budget) in the mind. Nonetheless it implies that when you’re searching for excellent sound, you’re never going to buy this in one of this kind of USB microphones.

Earlier, USB microphones would probably drop off the radar at that time simply because their less-than-perfect quality wasn’t up to professional criteria. That’s no longer the fact. USB microphones haven’t truly acquired a good reputation. Several different kinds of USB microphones may also be incorporated into another USB devices including headsets, notebook or PC cameras and even more.

The Yeti Blue Microphones USB Microphone bring up a brand-new time related to high quality recording without to have any mixers, pre-amps including expensive studio products needed.

Simply put directly into your computer, set your preferences, and you’re shortly on your way expert top quality recordings! All these recordings, the result is considered clear in any way wavelengths, a long way ahead of other USB microphones used in the earlier days, and much better than normal mics having a traditional mixing machine.

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